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CRAFT: Photography / words by Bemo Lundgren

Gabbe is a true free spirit and has got the ability to get into situations where common people would never venture. Getting chased by guards while trying to claim his bike inside of a cordoned area due to a previous bomb threat, being attacked by stray dogs while camping on a beach in Costa Rica or losing his keys and deciding to climb the drain pipes to the 4th floor to get in through the balcony door to name a few. He’s presence and intriguing energy are impossible to go unnoticed for anyone who ever met him. He has a peculiar way of being direct with no filters. He’s a person that does what he feels and feels what he does.

Being around Gabbe is always exiting, regardless if you’re biking 3000km over the the alps or skating down to the bakery to buy bread. It’s the way he sees his world and the way he meets and connect with people that creates these magic moments around him, this along with his artistic sense of esthetics is what makes him to such an interesting photographer wether it’s capturing a split second moment, taking portraits or extracting the beauty of nature.

Gabriel has been a longtime part of the infamous Antiz Skateboards family and is a represented creative at the Berlin based BLAM studio Agency. 

CONNECT:  Gabriel Engelke /  @elgabeeb

image summary: 
1. This old fart stopped me from skating a spot in Athens. I really wanted to shoot him with a gun, but I ended up shooting him with my Olympus.
2. This wallride is performed by Timo Arena, a newfound friend in Barcelona.
3. Paul Labadie climbed all these steps to satisfy my pentax 67.
4. This young lady’s legs were shot for a cover shoot for Philco Fiction’s last album release.
5. Pali Negrin, jumping during a lifestyle shoot for Lamono Magazine.
6. Random cigar smoker in Barcelona.
image summary: 
7. Dominic Dietrich in his beloved camping van during an amazing
skatetrip with Carhartt to the Swiss Alps.
8. My old metro stop at the National Theatre in Oslo.
9. Sylvain Tognelli, looking handsome as usual.
10. A skateboard adventure to Morocco some years ago.
11. The dam in Asturias on one of many Antiz trips.
12. The sundown in Morocco.
13. Piss break in the Swiss Alps.
14. Samu Korvonen.



CRAFT: Photography / words by Bram De Cleen

DVL (short for Davy Van Laere) discovered skateboarding only a little while after he got his first camera from his father in the mid-eighties.

The thrill of skating took the reins of his life for the next decade or so, but that camera came along for most of the sessions. Snapshots and the occasional portrait. Nothing out of the ordinary. Davy’s passionate skateboarding took him pretty far, though. All over Belgium, France and Germany and across the pond as well, where he linked up with Deathbox’s Jeremy Fox, who went on to compliment him on his Ray Barbee-esque step hopping and turned him pro. As fun as it had been getting to this point, Davy’s passion turned into pressure once he had reached professional status, and his love for skateboarding took a backseat to collecting records, compiling mix tapes, making beats and life in general. It took a couple of years and the start of a new millennium for the fire to flare again, but this time around the camera had moved to the foreground. Since then, Davy’s approach to photography has been as passionate and evolution-driven as his skateboarding used to be.

As much as Davy used to be known for carrying around numerous flashes (and tripods to meticulously place and aim each and everyone of them) he has always preferred natural light, and his more recent work definitely focuses on capturing it doing what it does best on the line patterns and compositions that catch his eye.

Davy is one of the official City Photographers for his hometown of Antwerp and has been Vans’ staff photographer for the European Skate Team since 2011.

He just recently got called on stage at the Bright European Skateboard Awards to receive the Photographer Of The Year Award for his efforts in 2014.

CONNECT:  afterhours-dvl.tumblr.com  /  @dvlphoto

image summary: 
1. Daan Van Der Linden – Kickflip – Copenhagen – 2014
2. Phil Zwijsen – NYC – 2011
3. Vans Derp Project – Athens – 2012
4. Kevin Tshala – Ollie – Morocco – 2013
5. Charles Collet – Paris – 2012
6. Streetdog – Sofia – 2011
7. ErikssonDelcroix – Kalmthout – 2013
8. Madars Apse – Riga – 2014
9. Nassim Guammaz – The Bronx – 2011
10. Taipei – 2014
11. ErikssonDelcroix – Kalmthout – 2013
image summary: 
12. Paponation & Kid – Panama City – 2014
13. Ignacio Morata – Copenhagen – 2014
14. Kevin Tshala – Panama City – 2014
15. Jonathan Thijs – Frontside Flip – France – 2011
16. Jarne Verbruggen – Frontside Blunt – Mechelen – 2012
17. Ed Templeton – SMAK – Gent – 2010
18. Antwerp – Demolition Zeemanshuis – Antwerp – 2013
19. Antwerp – 2013
20. Morocco – Essaouira – 2013
21. Madars Apse – Flying Witch – Ventspils – Latvia – 2014
22. Antwerp – 2012
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